There is a version of you... that is 


…when your FAVORITE song comes on spotify

(and you listen to it over and over and over again because it just makes your soul happy)

She's you...

…when you feel totally comfortable and relaxed

(think two glasses of rose deep on girls night, giggling hysterically)

She's you...

…when you spot a wild but VIBEY AF pair of sunglasses at a boutique and then ROCK THEM

…and people stop you on the street to compliment your outfit…

She's you...

THIS is your authentic essence... EXPRESSED

But how do you express the YOUist you… online and in your business?

That's where I come in.


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I help you figure out who the fuck you are, how to express it online, and become THAT BITCH in your industry that people want to buy from!

Hi, I'm Lauren!

I help you translate the deepest parts of you into a compelling "OMG YES" online brand. 

Instagram posts that leap off the newsfeed and into the hearts of the humans you were put on this earth to help.

Just imagine...

A visual brand & messaging that people know from a mile away…

DMs from people saying “I thought of you today when I ____” because your brand lives large in people’s psyches and inspires them regardless of whether or not you’re in the room.

so you're leveraging your strengths and business feels effortless

During our time together we will:

Identify your zone of genius

so that hearing your name elicits an “I LOVE THAT BITCH!” response from strangers.

establish the vibe

Walk the walk. BE the person your audience aspires to be.

embody your brand

Here's the scoop:

Intensive kick off call
90 minute intensive call to dive deep and start building our strategy

Biweekly coaching calls
We'll meet via Zoom and dive deep into your business, strategy and mindset.

Unlimited Voxer access
You'll get private access to me via Voxer where we can text and voice memo daily for support, feedback, and guidance.

Program access
You'll get access to the programs I launch during our time together!

Access to my resources
You'll get direct access to my templates and resources at no additional cost!

$1,250/month for 6 months

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