Hey girl!

I'm Lauren.

i'm here to help you and your business bloom.

I'm a Marketing Coach and Social Media Mentor who is a mix of sweet & spicy + sass & kick ass! I'm a former social worker and graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program. I'll teach you how to be vibrant on video, tap into your creative side and ditch the perfectionist tendencies that are holding you back from showing up in your business. 

I'm an empath and former social worker

i'm also a cancer,.. so basically, i'm into self-awareness, feelings and emphasize the importance of emotional intelligence.

Did you have any idea what you were getting into when you decided to start your own business? I know I didn’t...I jumped in head first when I started my first business at 25 years old, and I haven't looked back since!  I had never taken a single business course or even worked for a small business before so I figured things out along the way. I learned from my mistakes and kept moving forward. 

I hired a business coach in 2017 and from there things took a turn for the best! She encouraged me to apply to the prestigious Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program where I received what is basically an MBA which propelled me forward and my business continued to grow! It was there I realized that I was meant to be an entrepreneur, one who leads with empathy. From there, things started to fall into place.

One of my favorite parts of my pet care business was creating social media content. Social media has always been my jam... my generation helped shape these platforms, so it was only natural for my social media skills to shine through in my business. 

People in my industry started to come to me with questions about social media and so I started helping them.  In 2020 I finally decided to turn my passion for teaching and helping others into a business, and the Empathpreneur brand was born!

Today I’ve taught hundreds of women through several international presentations and speaking opportunities, along with group programs and 1:1 coaching. As a business coach and social media mentor, I’m fulfilling my true passion to help others not only grow their businesses but also to grow themselves. I truly believe our business is a reflection of ourselves. My job is to help you bloom.

humble beginnings

findng my purpose


where i am today

What I’m known for:

My love for animals & previous business as a dog walker and pet sitter

Teaching motivated entrepreneurs how to overcome their fears of video and create content that's FUN!

Being a social media guru and being a badass at generating fun, creative content ideas for others

Embracing  my feelings  and encouraging others to do so

"What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful."

words i live by

— brene brown

My timeline

where I've been


Graduated college with a BA in Psych, ready to hop into social work


Struggled with my mental health + compartmentalizing my work & home life


Left social work to start a dog walking/pet sitting company


Hired a business coach. Started creating video content


Ended things with my Wasband & got divorced. Channeled my heartache & hyper-focused on my biz


Started teaching people in my industry about social media


Turned my passion for helping small biz owners into a coaching business


I have the honor of coaching folks from all over the world how to rise and grow in their business! 

years as an entrepreneur


age i started my first biz


entrepreneurs i've taught about social media


fur baby coworkers


Think we're a match?
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There is something special about having a coach who is the right fit for you. It takes vulnerability and trust to let someone into our business. I want to be sure we're both a good fit for one another!

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