how to attract your dream clients, build a personal brand on video and create visibility leading to sales

This is the program to help you get out of your head and into action! Less thinking. More doing!

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i'll teach you how to get out of your own way by ditching perfectionism and taking messy action!

Creating video content doesn't have to be hard or stressful.

I  know we all have our own Critical Karen in our head telling us that we need to learn all this fancy tech before creating video content... that question whether or not we are experts enough to teach people about our industry... we feel afraid of being judged for how we look or sound on video OR that no one will watch our content at all!

you're tired of feeling behind with your marketing without having explored video yet.

This is for women and folks who are tired of living in the shadows behind fear of imperfection in your business. You’re self-conscious to feel camera-ready, thinking you need a nice background or the right equipment. Your makeup, your hair, knowing what to say… now you’re just too overwhelmed to get on video at all!

Babe, it doesn't have to be this way.

What if you could...

Show up confidently on video without worrying about what you look like

Stop expecting everything to be perfect and just get started

Stop trying to be in all of the places doing all of the things at once

Focus your time and energy on one social media platform 

Create a video content plan alongside a Video Confidence Coach 

Be in the presence of supportive, empowered entrepreneurs who are on this journey with you

vibrant on video is the program to get you there!

(and Lauren the perfect coach to guide you!)

Finally taking your mind off your business and being truly present with your friends and family, knowing that you have a video content plan in place. 

Just imagine...

Attracting those DREAM clients who are drawn to you and dying to work with you!

Connecting with a group like-minded women /folks who are eager to bounce ideas around. Your fellow students will become your biz besties!

Stepping into your power, showing up online as your true, authentic self, feeling aligned with the direction you're headed.


is the most powerful way to build your personal brand


is the most powerful way to build your personal brand


is the most powerful way to build your personal brand


is the most powerful way to build your personal brand


is the most powerful way to build your personal brand


is the most powerful way to build your personal brand


is the most powerful way to build your personal brand

I'm a Video Confidence Coach and Social Media Mentor who is a mix of sweet & spicy + sass & kick ass! I'm a former social worker and graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program who built a 6-figure biz on the premise that empathy is the most important tool in my toolbox. I was able to build strong relationships with my clients and team members with these methods and eventually transferred this same trust and belief onto our social media presence using video.

I learned that I didn’t need to be an extrovert to show up for people online. All I had to do was be my authentic self on video, and people were there to cheer me on! I want that same success for you, and I want you to get there faster than I did!

Meet Lauren,
your teacher


What you'll get...

the tools you need to reach your next level

5 weeks of live trainings

Lauren will teach you the program content LIVE so you can learn in real-time (and still get access to the replay recordings).

 BONUS Q&A FOR LIVE training attendees

A replay will be available for trainings, but if you attend the LIVE module trainings you'll get a bonus opportunity to get your burning questions answered!


Every week you'll meet via Zoom with Lauren and the other program members to get some coaching specific to you and your business.


This program includes homework that will help you reflect on the trainings and put them into action! This includes video prompts that tell you exactly what videos to create.

direct feedback from lauren

When you share your videos in the group, Lauren will give you direct feedback on your video so you can be encouraged along with continuing to grow and learn!


All members of the program are invited into a private Facebook where you can connect and build relationships with Lauren and your peers.

- Nicole L.

"This course was life changing for me and my business!"

Created an organized video content bank full of content ideas

Developed a video content plan with established content themes

Recorded and posted 5 weeks of video content

A strong understanding of who your dream clients are and how to talk directly to them

Immersed yourself in a private community where you feel supported and appreciated

Learned how to craft compelling, authentic content that gets your audience excited and engaged!

What happens when you sign up...

you'll leave with:

You will go from feeling overwhelmed to relieved about showing up on video in your business. You’ll show up more confidently by ditching perfectionism and embracing messy action! All while being your authentic self on video.

you'll feel:

-Shayla M.

"Vibrant in Video was just what I needed in order to jump into the online world on really gave me the push I needed to get out of my comfort zone and in front of the camera."

Dive into why video is so powerful and essential in this day and age.

Explore and address what’s been holding you back from showing up on video so far.

Determine your primary platform and type of video content you’re going to focus on.

Curriculum includes:

Week 1

Pre-work: the power of video

Intro to Lauren’s signature approach “the Messy Method” where you’ll learn to embrace progress, not perfection!

Learn how to implement the messy method, with Live demonstrations

Week 2

Module 1: how to take messy action

Define your brand personality and your “IT” factor. What makes you stand out?

Learn to embrace your quirks and the things that make you YOU

How to say no to the friendzone and step into your power as an authority

Week 3

Module 2: Your brand - How to stand out on video

Identify what type of content your dream clients want to see and how to implement

How to organize all those ideas in your head and put them into a structured content plan

Create content themes, a video bank and your own content calendar

Week 4

Module 3: Planning and Creating Content that Connects

How to build visibility and gain leads through next-level engagement

Identify who your dream clients are and how to attract and nurture them

Week 5

module 4: Building an Engaged Community 

You’ll have a bonus week to process everything you’ve learned

You’ll receive additional support and feedback from Lauren and your classmates

week 6

bonus Coaching and implementation Week

Click me to play!

Social Media Content Calendar Template

Repurposing content guide

Canva Video Templates 

Engagement Guide

Level Up Resource Library with video demos such as How to turn on closed captions, and How to stream to multiple platforms at once

Let's talk about the bonuses...

all yours when you join!

- Suzanne

“I used to be terrified to get in front of the camera and do videos. Lauren showed me how to relax and project confidence on camera. She really knows her stuff!”

All of this is valued at over $1,800...

This program is jam packed with value

5 weeks of Live trainings

Bonus Q&A for live training attendees

6 weeks of hot seat coaching

Weekly homework and prompts

Private facebook group support

Social Media Content Calendar Template

Repurposing content guide

Canva Video Templates

Engagement Guide

Level Up Resource Library with demos

one time payment of $555

one time payment of$777

3 monthly payments of $199

3 monthly payments of $277

Regular Track


Limited spots available

Mastermind Voxer group chat  *VIP ONLY

1:1 90 minute intensive with Lauren *VIP ONLY

-Jenna G.

"Before Lauren's guidance I was so nervous to show the world the real me... Lauren gave me the confidence I needed to start making videos."

Qs and As:

hey girl, i have a question...

is there a community group included?

Yes! There is a Facebook group that all students are invited to join at the start of the program. You get lifetime access to the content in that Facebook group!

when and where will the live trainings take place?

The LIVE module trainings will take place on Zoom! The time and date of the training are TBD. Once cart closes, everyone will vote on their preferred days/times from the options Lauren provides.

I haven't started my business yet - is this program right for me?

While this program is geared towards entrepreneurs and small business owners who are already in business making money, the program content can be applied for new business owners as well. 

How much time do i need to set aside for the program?

Students spend an average of 1-2 hours a week on their homework and video prompts. The weekly LIVE trainings and hot seat coaching calls are roughly 1 hour long each (2 hours total if you attend both sessions).

can i buy this at any time?

Nope! Vibrant on Video is only launched a couple times per year since Lauren likes to run it LIVE with her students. The next round of VOV will not be launched until sometime in 2022!

how long does it take to get through the course?

The program is 6 weeks in length. However, you'll get lifetime access to the content so you can revisit it at any point! 

Take action today...

get ready for a huge transformation

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